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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Playoffs Predictions

Here are some NFL playoffs predictions

1) The Saints will beat the Seahawks by less than the 10.5 points spread.

2) The Falcons will not win a playoff game.

3) The Jets will lose to the Colts by a good margin.

4) The Chiefs are going to be dominated at home.

5) Mike Vick will Prove that he is not Superman.

6) The Bears will host the NFC Championship Game.

7) Aaron Rodgers will win his first playoff game, then win 2 more.

8) The Steelers will win one game.

9) Tom Brady will Throw 2 or less picks during the entire tournament.

10) The Patriots will beat the Packers in the Super Bowl.

Watch me be wrong about 8 or 9 of these.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Congress!

The new Congress is set to convene today. Republicans will once again control the House of Representatives for the first time since 2006 and will cut down the Democratic majority in the Senate. There will be 94 new house members and 13 new senators sworn in today. This is the biggest freshman class in the house since 1948. Nancy Pelosi is out as Speaker of the House and GOP house leader John Boehner will now hold that position.
John Boehner
Already in the Republicans sights is the repeal of Obama’s Healthcare plan. They have already reveled legislation to repeal this measure and could be voting on the matter as early as next week. Republicans will also make sure that any increase in spending has to be offset by a cut in spending. Boehner has come out and said that new house Republicans will work on cutting spending back to the level of 2008. This would be around one hundred billion dollars in cuts. To me I would not mind seeing Obama’s Healthcare go because I cannot see it surviving anyways. What I fear is the cuts, because Republicans have apromised that they will not cut any national defense expenses, and that is the one thing I see that needs cutting, the war. So I cannot say that I know where they are going with this and I do not like it.